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It's Time to Talk Honestly

 August 2016 Legionnaire Article

 by Fr. Bob Humacher

Two past encounters from my life ~ One happened in a department store. I was looking at sweaters and roamed menswear freely; a friend who was with me was watched and followed as if a security risk.  That same friend asked me to dinner one night.  The waiter presented me with the check without even asking or gesturing as to which of us would be paying.  My friend took the folder without a word.  Interpretation?  I am white, he is not.  I was accorded acceptance and freedom in both instances.  He was not.

The classic definition of prejudice is the one put forth by the famous Harvard psychologist, Gordon Allport, who published The Nature of Prejudice in 1954: "Prejudice is an antipathy based on faulty and inflexible generalization. It may be felt or expressed. It may be directed toward a group or an individual of that group".  [Antipathy is defined as a strong feeling of dislike.] In 1968 my novice master encouraged me to read Allport’s classic work and it opened my mind like nothing else I’d ever read.

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A Journey of Faith, Art, Music, History and Enchantment

With Spiritual Leader and Host, Fr. Bob Hutmacher

October 24-30, 2016

Santa Fe .. Albuqurque
Chimayo .. Taos Pueblo
San Francisco de Assis Mission
Abiqui, Ghost Ranch
San Miguel Church
Georgia O’Keefe Museum. . .  And More
For detailed information - Journey of Faith

The Nature Suite

New music by Robert M. Hutmacher, ofm

with Orchestra da Camera di Perugia


The Nature Suite’s sixteen movements are uplifting, joyful, tender and rooted in the realities of natural beauty all around us.  My years as a Franciscan have given me a deep sensitivity to human nature and to the splendors of life in its fullness.  I am grateful that I am a musician and have such a splendid manner to express the richness of life as I perceive it.

This collection has been a joy to produce with my friends, Orchestra da Camera di Perugia.   Each movement captures one place or element or creature in a particular style.  My background as a child of the Midwest U.S is apparent in the sounds captured in The Nature Suite. I believe this collection came from personal creativity and divine inspiration.  Without words the listener can experience what I have in the marvels of creation


The CD is now for sale on line!

Listen and buy it today

Available at:CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and 95+ outlets for digital download and streaming worldwide.


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